Dyslexia Testing and Intervention

The Donegan Burns Foundation has generously made a grant to Glendale Healthy Kids for the purpose of dyslexia testing and intervention. 

Dyslexia affects 10-15% of the population, however, less than 1% of school age children receive help for dyslexia. Of those with a special learning disability, nearly 80% have some form of dyslexia. Dyslexia can be treated. An emphasis on testing and intervention before the third grade can greatly reduce the number of children who fail to learn to read.

The grant supports organizations which place at risk children in a specialized reading program as early as possible. On average dyslexia is discovered in the third grade after the child has fallen far behind his or her peers. However, when reading interventions are administered in the first grade, many at risk children can learn to read at grade level by the end of the first grade, just like their peers. Additionally, we seek to identify children with more severe dyslexia, who need one-on-one clinical tutoring, and place them before the third grade.

The grant enables schools, afterschool programs and children’s organizations to:

  • Test children in grades 1 – 3 (in schools) or children ages 5 – 15 (in afterschool programs) for indicators of dyslexia using the Lucid CoPS Cognitive Profile.
  • Identify the 10 – 15% of children at risk for dyslexia.
  • Assign at risk children 30 – 60 minutes per day specialized reading instruction using the FastForWord reading intervention software.
  • Track progress and perform individual interventions using FastForWord’s Reading Progress Indicator.
  • Provide learning process evaluation and clinical tutoring using Lexercise.com for those who need intense, one-on-one support.
  • Administer the Lucid CoPS Cognitive Profile at the end of each year to measure changes in cognitive skills.