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We are so grateful to the many healthcare providers who have donated their services for so many years. Today, we honor Dr. Gary Finer, who has been with Glendale Healthy Kids since the inception.

Dr. Finer has served on our board for many years in many capacities, including the Board President. DrFinerAdditionally, he has seen hundreds of patients in his office, providing excellent dental care throughout the past twenty years. In his words….


In 1994, when I first heard of a new charitable organization getting started from a colleague, I knew that I wanted to find out about getting involved.  I agreed to become a provider of services for Glendale Healthy Kids but also asked if I could be on the Board.  I immediately started attending as a Board member and I haven’t stopped attending meetings since.  I served as Board President in 2006-2007 following in the footsteps of men and women who had previously been Board presidents and all of whom I greatly admired.  I have enjoyed all the friendships and fun that I’ve shared with my fellow Board members and I’ve accumulated fond memories during these past 19 years that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  As a provider of dental services for the same period, both my staff and I have also been enriched and fulfilled by treating the children referred to us by Glendale Healthy Kids.  Personally, I have always thought that one should give back to one’s community for the blessings that I have been given.  I received an excellent yet low-cost education by the University of California and I’ve always been grateful for the career that said education has given me.  That’s why I jumped at the chance to become involved in Glendale Healthy Kids.  The mission of GHK appeals to many great healthcare providers in our community and I’m proud to be among them.


Thank you Dr. Gary Finer!